For what? – [Quinitips]

For what?

Guess what for the same as me ?. Maybe if maybe not.

I enter the quini because I like to bet, and look for different strategies to win. That is the answer that motivates me to talk about the subject here.

But in the background is what we all want when we play big money games of chance: “the quick fix”, “little effort and a big prize”,

“To be a millionaire overnight”, “Travel to Europe or the Caribbean once a month”, etc.

But that does not exist. Or rather there is, but the chances of it happening are very few.

You can spend eternity playing and betting without winning anything as well so you can work your whole life and be a miserable ganapán.

What they should be clear about is that whatever path they choose to play in life they never let go of their dreams and what they do for them (that Cursi).

Gambling or compulsive gambling is detrimental to you and those around you. Precisely one of my strategies is to be moderate.

The universe was not made by having compulsive and repeated big bangs. Your first kiss was not sought and tried every day every moment.

Maradona did not do “the hand of God” many times. Things were like this. Just know the rules and limits, be patient, and enjoy it as it happens. “The moment” will come alone, and the calmer you are, the easier it will be.

Take it as a hobby or a fun. And if you take advantage of that, welcome.

So let’s see what wave with my experiences. From them you can draw your own theories, and disapprove mine. For that I expose them. 😉

P.D .: And if you become a millionaire pay me a trip to the hot spring even. If you totally fuck off to Ibiza, the shell of the parrot.