Strategy for luck 1. – [Quinitips]

Strategy for luck 1.

When you do not arrive at the end of the month for the fourth or fifth time in a row and you ask alms to your family or a friend to try to save your financial life by playing Quini.

Once the money is collected to make the super move of your life you sit at the kitchen table with paper, pencil or notebook and you start:

We take the whole universe of 46 numbers. (0 to 45) and we get the number of times they have been drawn since Quini 6 began.

It is an obvious and classic strategy (Gambler’s fallacy). The fact of playing the least-out numbers is almost a beginner’s rule. But if we add to this the amount of dates that do not come out, and based on that we get an average of every few draws leaves at least once each number then the information becomes more interesting.

Sort the results of this data by obtaining the balls that have not been released for a long time and your average draw (every few draws) reduces the universe we can play, and statistically increases the chances of obtaining at least the prize of the extra pot with the 18 draws in the first three draws of the date. From this final group of numbers that remains we will select three pairs and three odd.

In theory, and over time, you should sharpen the aim, have more hits in the extra pot and maybe even more hits in each draw.

Loto numbers for luck:
[00] ~ [04] ~ [11] ~ [12] ~ [21] ~ [36]

It should be noted that this and several strategies that are exposed here are mere assumptions and are based, as I said before, on the deceit of the bettor. They do not guarantee anything, and they are only own experiences.

But if you’re doing well, go on a trip to Chile and buy play 4. Or you’ll buy a couple of Bitcoins, lucky son of the piggies.